Thursday, July 19, 2012

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Life is good!  We were able to get our student rosters earlier this year than in the past.  That allowed me to get my postcards sent to all 54 students mailed yesterday.  In each postcard, I included my QR code, above, which I blogged about previously.  

Today I received an email from one of those students!  Yes, we have technologically advanced learners!  They got my email address from scanning that code.  On the code is also this blog address.  I hope to make this a window for parents and administrators to view our day, curriculum and activities.  So I realized I needed to get to the blog and say:


I am always welcoming of volunteers, visitors and parents into the classroom. It has been my luck in recent years that I have a cadre of parents and volunteers who do ALL of my copying and stapling... That way I can TEACH!  WOO HOO!!!!!!  However some parents and family members are like me...They are not available to come into the classroom as they are working. With this blog,  those who cannot come physically can visit virtually.  I hope to update daily or at least a few times a week.  My vision is that the students will help me with the blog.

In addition to making our day available for friends and family members, I hope my administrators and evaluators can get a better picture of me.  We have a Professional Learning Community here at Highland Hills Middle School , and it is my hope that the things I do in class to foster the PLC are demonstrated in this venue.  I look forward to viewing the blog together with the evaluator, and showing my artifacts.

Changing topics, my clipboards are nearing completion.  I have finished applying the scrapbook paper with mod podge.  It has dried for a couple of days, and the tulle will pretty them up within the next few days.  This project was not difficult, but was more time consuming than I anticipated.  

I am hoping the facelift of the brown clipboards will be one more way students can take a little bit more pride in the work they are completing on them.  I do know for sure that this is an idea for GREAT gifts.  Staples sells 3 brown clipboards for $4.59.  So with the tulle, paper and modpodge, this gift will be less that $3.00 each. GREAT for volunteers.

And finally...where oh where are the back to school sales?  Usually by now, the competition is fierce.  Not so here in Southern Indiana.  Crayons are still 50 cents, etc.  Our school year is beginning for teachers August 1.  I need to do my classroom shopping before that...ugg...

Until next time, may peace be with you and yours.  Bonnie

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