Sunday, July 15, 2012

More creations for the classroom...

How have I ever set a classroom up without Pinterest?  Wow!  These ideas were generated from the blog,  "Pencils, Paper and Pixie Dust."  Many thanks to those who share their marvelous ideas.  I made the ideas my own, but could NEVER have come up with them on my own!

This is my birthday balloon bouquet.  Tonight I made 55 of these, one for every student in my combined classes.  During the first two weeks of school, those students who have a summer birthday will get to choose the balloon of their choice.  The others will get to choose a balloon as their birthday rolls around during the school year.  These are made with Jumbo Pixie Sticks from Sam's Club (boxes of 50), scrap book paper, curling ribbon and staples.  In the bottom of the container, there are gum balls from the Dollar Tree.

From the same blog, I found this great idea.  Shamelessly, I stole their verbiage for the first two bullets. On the third bullet is another idea I found from Pinterest.  This is a free service from the website Remind101 which sends out a mass text to those whom you give your access code.  Not all of my students have email, but most of their families text.  So along with my frequent emails, I am going to send text reminders. I printed the QR code on postcards as soon as I got my class roster, and sent it home. Hopefully the families will have my contact information programmed in to their media sources even before they meet me for the first time.
Have a Smart Phone?
  • Download a QR reader app and then scan this barcode to instantly save my contact information.
  • I am a 21st century educator excited to teach your 21st century learner.                     
  • Also remember to text (424) 400-5094 with @mrsthr to be a member of my text blast group for important classroom announcements. Anyone, including your child, is welcome to receive my text messages.
                      Mrs. Bonnie Thrasher

Another idea from the same blog, "Pencils, Paper and Pixie Dust" that I simply couldn't pass up was the  "Birthday Door."  Since I have nearly 60 students, I could not use photos on my door as she did.  So I had to change the design a bit.Yet I can post all of their names on this beautiful door display.  Since the door is hard laminate, and I had to be careful, the challenge to hang the display was quite a task.  I used 2 yards of fabric laid flat on the floor after fitting it to the door.  On the back, I attached Industrial Strength Velcro to the top. I used Spray Adhesive to attach the border and card stock patches to the fabric.  To hang it, first I stuck the Industrial Velcro to the door.  Then I used about 30 Velcro dots around the edges f the border.  Regular velcro dots stick fine to the paper border, but not very well on the fabric. I will add the students names and their birthdate as soon as I receive that information. 

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