Saturday, July 21, 2012

Classroom library, Clipboards and Colorful charts galore...

Happy happy Saturday!  I have now heard from three of my upcoming students.  Those postcards have made it into their hands.  Hooray.

I worked Friday in our classroom, and it is as finished as I can make it!  Woo Hoo!  

The clipboards are completed!

Every adult who saw them loved them! I sure hope my students enjoy working with the clipboards as much as I enjoyed making them.
The team points board is up!
Mr. Smith, Mrs. Hogan and I work as a team with our team points.
Each table has a number 1-6. The students who sit at table 1 in my room also sit together at table 1 in Mr. Smith's room.  We award team points based on work habits, attitude, organization and behavior.  At the end of each two weeks, Mr. Smith and I combine our team points.  Each student from the team with the most points wins a surprise prize!
The anchor charts that I displayed in the first blog entry, "Setting the Stage" are now all in their designated locations.  There are still a few more in the works, believe it or not!!!!  But here they are.
Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening = Literacy

See below regarding our classroom library!

Common Core asks us to provide evidence from the reading to support our opinions.

 Beware the ISTEP Lady... What does she look for in your writing?

We will add book titles to this board as we find books with these life lessons.

Until next time...peace be with you!  Mrs. T.


  1. Just dropping by to get some ideas and get the gears turning. - Texas

  2. WOW! I loved your charts. I will be using some of your ideas in my classroom.


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