Monday, August 20, 2012

Week 3 begins...

Here we go on week 3.  A few students still have to present their "Me" boxes, but after today's post, I think we have gotten most of them published.

I am extremely pleased to announce that I feel confident of all 58 students' names now!  I still get them mixed up occasionally, especially two smiley faced girls in the morning group, and two smiley faced girls in the afternoon class...but overall I am proud of myself to master that challenge.

The students seem to be ready for Wednesday's map test, and I am proud of them.

Campus Life and Afternoons Rocks is underway as well as Cross Country and Soccer.  There are many activities for our fifth graders to be involved in.

Core Plus classes will begin Wednesday.  We will meet every Monday and Wednesday during seventh period in smaller groups to work specifically on our CFA math skills.  More on Core Plus as the experience unfolds.

Leaf Collection assignments have been sent home.  Have fun working on that project.

Congratulations to Team 3.  They won our first Team Points reward.  This month the reward was a soda/popcorn snack!  These boys worked really hard to cooperate with one another to keep the area clean, work quietly and make positive contributions to the group as a whole.  WELL DONE!

A reminder that snacks are to be sent in in individual servings.  Large bags are too tempting to share or store in lockers.  We discourage both.

Here is a sweet photo.  Enjoy and come back soon!

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