Saturday, August 4, 2012

Meet those who will make fifth grade FABULOUS

Here are some of the people our fifth graders will get to know this year.  We have so much fun with our students perhaps because we have so much fun with one another.  We do indeed have a Professional Learning Community, a family atmosphere of support and trust.

Five members of the fifth grade team join other HHMS faculty for a night out at a Bats game.  Left to right: Mrs. Thrasher, Ms. Paul, Ms. Guy, Mr. Campbell, Mr. Smith
Joining the same group is another fifth grade HHMS teacher, Mrs. Kaiser.
Mrs. Patterson and her husband.  Mrs. Patterson is our fifth grade P.E./Health teacher.
Two more fifth grade teachers joined us: Ms. Roof (fifth grade,) Ms.Sweet (sixth grade,) Ms. Harper (fifth grade,) and Ms. Kidd (music teacher)
This is Dr. Beall. He is our Assistant Principal. Dr. Beall is always there to help us when we have questions, with a smile when we need a laugh, a hug when we celebrate, an ear when we need a listener, a high five when we need congratulations, and advice when we have choices to make.  We are so lucky to have him!
On the left in pink, is Mrs. Nevin.  She runs the book store at school, taking such good care of us when we need supplies.  Beside her is another fifth grade teacher, Mrs. Wilbur
This is Mrs. Hatton, our seventh and eighth grade Assistant Principal who also helps fifth grade with some special services, as well.  In this picture, you see Mrs. Thrasher and seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Stevens, receiving a discipline talking to for being naughty! 
This is our POOL!!! We are so lucky to have such a beautiful aquatic area.  Swimming is one of the sports available to fifth graders this year.

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