Sunday, May 19, 2013

April and May

So many things have happened here in our last few weeks together.  Time flew, and we find ourselves ready to become sixth graders.  (Leaving behind Mrs. T. who will remain forever a fifth grader.) What special memories we have made.  Enjoy these last few photos, and don't forget to come see me next year.  Peace and love my sweet angels.    


American Revolution Artifacts

Egg Drop

Miles for Merry Miracles awarded our team $500.00 because of our accomplishments this year sponsoring 17 angels at Christmas time.  We decided to donate that award back to the program to get a head start on our giving for next year.  These photos are of  two of the Miles for Merry Miracles board making that presentation to us.

Biographical Speeches


Our Fifth Grade Second Place Winner in the Speech Contest, Miss Lindy.

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