Sunday, March 3, 2013

February Festivities

Woo Hoo; Hoopty Doo!!!! February was certainly full of fun.  Enjoy our pics below of Thrasher's homeroom making Valentine's Day pretties, our fabulous FIESTA, and ISTEP SPIRIT week.

Beware of Thing One and Thing Two!

Notice all the parent involvement!  We could not begin to have this much fun without our fabulous parents sending in supplies and helping Mrs. T. do it up!

Valentine's Day Party planned and presented by Keeley's Mom!

Our CFA skill this quarter was symbolism.  I firmly believe I have found the ultimate novel to teach the concept, Esperanza Rising. Each chapter in the book was entitled with a fruit or vegetable.  That food was then used by the author as a symbol in the chapter. After our study of the novel Esperanza Rising, we had a fiesta! We brought in as many of the Latin foods as we possibly could that were mentioned in the novel.  We had a taco bar, and MUCH MORE! We had limbo and pinatas.  We even had authentic Latin Peppers which set some of us on FIRE! 

Fun was certainly had by all.  
To top it all off, the class presented Mrs. Thrasher 
with a birthday cookie with peace signs and the dye.  
What a GREAT afternoon!
See below for photos and movies.

Notice different students, but Mrs. Breischaft is still in the same position.  Hee Hee!
Same thing with Mrs. Bartel!

ISTEP Spirit week was a rip roaring BLAST!
Just a small sampling of some of the festivities!

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